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The Similarities Between Video Poker & Blackjack

Video Poker is categorized in its' own section at Online Casinos, in addition to Table Games and Slots Games. Table Games constitute of a variety of card games including Blackjack, Baccarat and Draw Poker, as well as multiple Roulette Games and Craps. Although Video Poker does not fall into this category, being a fusion between Slots and Poker, it is still seen as a Card Game in its' own right. It is a high-odds game that is played strategically and there are no other players involved. The cards are presented on virtual reels and are dealt by a Random Number Generator with no Dealer present. Australian online pokies will keep you entertained for hours. Take the time to play a range of exciting pokie games. You'll always be entertained when you play this game.

There are quite a few similarities between Video Poker and Online Blackjack, and Table Poker also shares them. Card Values are the numerical value that each card holds. In Video Poker, numerical cards numbered from 1 through to 10, in any suit, maintain their face value. Face Cards - Jack, Queen and King - of any suit, count as 10. An Ace of any suit can count as 1 or 11 and is the highest value card. Both Video Poker and Online Blackjack share the same card values, although the hand rankings are different.

Just as with Table Poker, Video Poker also requires the player to achieve a winning hand by choosing which cards to hold and which ones to discard. The game kicks off with the player receiving five cards and based on this hand the player needs to proceed strategically in order to win. When you discard a card it will be replaced with a new one to maintain five cards in your hand. There are many excellent Video Poker Strategy Guides online where players can learn the game with step-by-step tutorials.

It can be daunting to deposit money into an online casino. If you choose Visa Casinos you can rest assured that your transactions will be safe and secure. Some hand rankings in Video Poker include a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Five of a Kind, Full House, Flush and Straight. Some of the games have slightly different rules with regards to the highest ranking hand value although the basic rules remain the same all throughout. In Kings or Better only K and an A are considered as High Cards. Online Blackjack is much easier in this regard since the aim is to achieve a hand total of 21 based purely on the card values. Just as with Video Poker it is still one of the most enjoyable Card Games to play online.